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In sum, there are 419 models in this collection, built out of 276.412 single parts.

Lego 42154 -

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Lego 8157 Ferrari F1 Lego 8157 Ferrari F1 Lego 8157 Ferrari F1 Lego 8157 Ferrari F1
Lego 8157 Ferrari F1
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Category: Cars
2nd Category: Racing
Subcategory: Race car
Year of release: 2009
Your ratings: (2)
Number of parts: 998
Colour: Red
Length: 53 cm
Width: 20.8 cm
Height: 12.6 cm
Construction manual: Yes
Number of pages: 112
Original box: Yes
Sticker: Yes
E-Motor: No
Number of figures: 0
Pneumatic: No
Alternative model: No
Universal-Set: No

  • Steering of the front wheels

The Ferrari F1 from the Lego Racers series is a beautiful replica of the Formula 1 Ferrari. Since it’s not a Technic model, there are, of course, no functions. Nevertheless, the front wheels can be steered. But as I said, you cannot expect many functions from the Racers series. Constructing it doesn’t take much time, compared to Technic models, and in a short time, there’s an awesome, big model standing in front of you. But there’s not much fun, as many small parts and components get lost quickly. However, that’s not the purpose of the model – it’s supposed to be in a showcase. All in all, it’s a cool model, whose five stars are quite deserved.
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